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About Us

About Us

Creative Bedfordshire is a free network for bringing the creative and cultural industries in Bedfordshire together to connect, learn, share and debate.  

The network is a collaborative activity of arts & cultural organisations from Bedford Borough & Central Bedfordshire. 

The collaborating partners are:

Bedford Borough Council 
Bedford Creative Arts 
Bedford College 
Central Bedfordshire Council 
Full House Theatre 
Spectacularts Foundation 
The Place, Bedford
The Quarry 
Arts & Culture Project Team of University of Bedfordshire  

The network is administered through a Six Circles online platform, contracted by Bedford Creative Arts and administered collectively by nominated Admins (Bedford Creative Arts,  Spectacularts, The Place Bedford, & University of Bedfordshire).  The Admins moderate the site and approve postings in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  

The online platform is funded by Bedford Borough Council & Central Bedfordshire Council.  

Imae copyright Anne-Marie Abbate.

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